Bubble Gum - Veg Soy Wax Tin Candle


Bubble Gum - Veg Soy Wax Tin Candle


Fragrance Notes: A taste of classic childhood , through out the long happy winter days. 

  • 7.9 oz  
  • Approximately 50+ hours burn time 
  • Veg Soy Wax Candle 
  • Fragrance container candle with essential oils.
  • Made In London 


Directions For Use :

* Keep out of reach of children and pets.

* Ensure the candle is kept away from any flammable materials.

* Do not move the candle while alight.

* Avoid an enlarged or smoking flame, trimmed wick to 5mm.

* Place candle tin on a heat resistant surface. 

* Do used matches or wick trimmings.

* Keep the wax free from any debris.